UGC NET/ JRF is considered to be a benchmark for anyone who aspires to become an assistant professor or wishes to do research in a specific field from top-notch universities. This exam not only tests your knowledge in a particular subject but keeps a tab on your overall knowledge pertaining to teaching. Keep reading to understand more about the trends and patterns of the exam and how NET CRACKERS can help you crack this by providing UGC NET coaching for commerce in Delhi. This exam in general has two parts, paper 1 and paper 2.


UGC NET Paper 1 is considered to be a general paper for all disciplines. It majorly involves practice and reference to clear paper 1. This questions in paper 1 can be divided into two categories, those which require practice and those which require constant updating process. The questions in this paper appear from the following sections, namely, general knowledge, people and environment, Information and Communications Technology (ICT), logical reasoning, reading comprehension, quantitative ability, teaching and research aptitude, data interpretation. Modules such as logical reasoning, quantitative ability and reading comprehension are topics which involve practice and other sections can be improved through continuous reading. This paper has 50 questions with 2 marks each making it 100 marks. If one follows the books and periodicals for paper 1, which are rampant in the market, it is nearly impossible to focus and manage time according to the weight age provided to different topics in the exam. We, here in Net crackers provide exclusive guidance and materials for paper 1 which includes the changing patterns and trends of paper one.

Our guidance will help you save time and focus on the topics which were repeatedly asked in the examination as we keep on analysing the paper and the current trends to serve you better.


UGC NET Paper 2 contains questions that are totally subject oriented. Strong foundation regarding the specialised subject is the key to clear this paper. A deep knowledge regarding the graduation and post graduate syllabus of the subject is mandatory to make the knowledge base stronger. Paper two has 100 questions with two marks each amounting to 200 marks. UGC net coaching for commerce through net crackers is just a click away when it comes to helping you to crack this exam.


When it comes to UGC NET coaching for commerce in Delhi, Anurag Sharma’s net crackers is the most dependable platform to give wings to your aspirations. We have a pool of qualified and experienced faculty to assist you in this journey towards success. We have different options available to meet the time-space constraints that the student undergoes, namely classroom classes.

Classroom/regular classes:

Regular classes of commerce by net crackers is a platform where the candidate is under the constant exposure of expert faculties. We guide you through the entire journey through expert lectures, material handouts and mock tests. All these helps the student to analyse where they stand in their knowledge and make room for improvements. We keep a track on each student and help understanding their strengths and limitations and guide them accordingly. Solving question papers of previous exams is a bonus as it helps boost the leaner’s confidence. Net Crackers for UGC NET coaching for commerce believe in forming a strong base and helping students to set their pace so that they remain focused during their entire journey. Our students need not worry on missing out as we provide elaborate class notes that can be kept for future reference and can be revised just before the exam. We make sure that UGC NET commerce is a cake walk for you!

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