As per the latest media reports, University Grants Commission (UGC) has decided to revise the syllabus for National Eligibility Test (NET) for the first time in last ten years. For the same, UGC has set up 25 committees to revise the syllabus for different subjects. However, since the UGC NET is conducted for 90 subjects, more committees are likely to be set up to cover all subjects.

Currently, all committees are in process of preparing the draft syllabus for different subjects. Once prepared, the draft syllabus will be sent for approval to the council. Once approved, the decision will be taken on when to implement the revised syllabus.

The decision of revising the NET syllabus has been taken by UGC in order to reflect changes in what is being taught in different universities and colleges. The decision has also been taken to ensure that the revised syllabus meets the current requirement of higher education.

Candidates can view UGC NET 2018 syllabus for reference. As soon as the syllabus for UGC NET 2018 is released, the same would be updated on the website after some time.

Note: Candidates possessing a Master’s degree in Geography (with specialization in Population Studies) or Mathematics/ Statistics are also eligible to appear for Population Studies subject.

Also, candidates possessing a Master’s degree in Humanities (including languages) and Social Sciences are eligible to appear for Women Studies subject.

For full syllabus  click here: https://www.ugcnetonline.in/syllabus-new.php

ugc net syllabus

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